Unit Trusts

A Unit Trust is a specific type of trust which divides the beneficial ownership of the trust property into a number of units. Unit holders subscribe to the trustee for units in the Unit Trust.

Types of Unit Trusts

Clients should consider whether the Trust is to be a "Special Trust" or a "Fixed Trust" for Land Tax purposes.

The unit holders of a "Fixed Trust" will be taken to be the owners of the land and be entitled to the tax-free threshold under the Act. The trustee of a "Special Trust" will be taken to be the owner of the land and no tax-free threshold will apply to the Trust.

We can provide appropriate wording to the Trust deed to suit either a "Special Trust" or "Fixed Trust".

What we provide

  • Trust Deed and fully completed documentation to establish the Trust
  • Full investment and trading powers given to trustee
  • Trust Deed approved and issue authorised by company solicitors
  • Permanent binder for Trust records
  • Delivered to your nominated address

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