Superannuation Funds

A Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) is one with no more than four members which satisfies the following conditions:

  • all directors of a corporate trustee must be members of the fund.
  • each member must be an individual trustee or a director of a corporate trustee of the fund.
  • (special conditions apply to one member funds).

Personal Fund

Is a portable fund suited to the self-employed or to employees of private companies with less than four members.

Any gainfully employed person may apply to establish and become a trustee of a fund of this type. The fund is normally comprised of members of the same family or members of a business partnership. Employers of any member may apply to the trustee to join the fund as a contributor for an individual member.

What we provide

It is a requirement that all Self Managed Superannuation Fund deeds be issued by a legal practitioner and as such any Self Managed Superannuation Fund requested would be issued by our legal advisers.

Our service includes three copies of the Superannuation Trust Deed, one of which is supplied in our presentation folder for easy reference purposes, together with all required minutes of the trustees, applications for membership and other required notices. Additional draft minutes are provided to cater for the admission to the fund of new members, the acceptance of persons or companies as employers and appointment of an approved or registered auditor.

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