Deregistration of Unwanted Pty Limited Companies

What we provide

  • Liaising with ASIC to see what is required prior to deregistration
  • Application to ASIC
  • Full documentation including members' minutes & application to ASIC
  • Liaison with ASIC during deregistration process
  • Notices to company as to progress and completion of deregistration

Changes have been made to the lodgement times for deregistrations

To avoid the need to pay the annual review fee, the form 6010 has to be lodged & ASIC have to advertise in the gazette before the review fee due date.

The Corporations Law provides that application may be made to deregister a company only if:

  • all members agree to the deregistration
  • the company is not carrying on business
  • the company's assets are worth less than $1000
  • the company has paid all fees due to ASIC
  • the company has no outstanding liabilities
  • the company is not a party to any legal proceedings

Please contact us if you wish to clarify the interpretation of "Liabilities" or to clarify any other aspect of the deregistration process.

If a company qualifies for deregistration under the abovementioned provisions and you wish us to arrange to deregister the company please complete our Order form.