Terms of Payment

The following methods of payment are available in settlement of our invoices for services rendered:

For a practicing solicitor, accountant or financial consultant

Who accepts responsibility for payment of the account as a principal within the 14 days term of payment:   Approved 14 Day Credit Account.

Consistent breach of the 14 day terms of payment will result in a cancellation of the credit provided on the Approved 14 day Credit Account.

For all other clients

We require MasterCard or Visa details to be provided at the time of placing the order or confirmation of direct deposit to our bank account prior to completion of the service. Cash, Bank Cheque or Money Order payment will also be accepted prior to completion of the service.

Payment Details

Cheques should be drawn in favour of "Corp Reps".

Direct deposits or electronic transfers to our bank account should be made to:

Corporate Representatives Pty Ltd
BSB: 062287
Account Number: 10282947
Commonwealth Bank, Brookvale, NSW

Please provide the relevant Invoice number when paying by any of the above methods.