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Availability of Company Name

ASIC allow a name to be registered provided it is not considered to be identical to an already registered name and is not unacceptable for registration under the Corporations Act 2001.

ASIC allowing a name to be registered is not proof that there are no potential problems with the name regarding "passing off" under the Trade Practices Act.

ASIC take no responsibility for the closeness or appropriateness of the name and they advise that "Under section 147 of the Corporations Act 2001 there is no subjective judgement to decide the availability of a name. Therefore the onus is on the applicant to have regard to similar names or to names which may possibly be confused with or mistaken for another already registered name. The approval of a name by ASIC does not make that company immune from any action which may be taken by another organisation or Government Agency."

You can be confident in the advice from Corp Reps in regards to the appropriateness of your Business Name or Company Name.