Foreign Company Registration

A foreign company wishing to carry on business in Australia must be registered under Part 5B.2 of the Corporations Act 2001. We can prepare and lodge all the necessary documents to register a foreign company.

Information that you will need prior to applying:

  • Annual Return of Company (or equivalent information for overseas company)
  • Details of local agent/s - same information as for directors
  • Details of local directors (if any)
  • Registered office in Australia
  • Principal place of business in Australia

The following information will also be required, however if the signing parties are overseas this can be provided to us on the return of the document that we will produce.

  • Copy of Certificate of Incorporation in its place of origin, certified within the last three months by the authority exercising functions similar to the Australian Securities & Investments Commission.
  • Certified copy of Foreign Company's Constitution.
  • Memorandum of Appointment of Local Agent signed under the Seal of the Company.
  • Form 403 (Provided by us) - Verification of Copy of document authorising execution of a document appointing a local agent. (only required if the Memorandum of Appointment is signed other than by a director under the seal of the foreign company).
  • Form 309 (Provided by us) - Notice of any charges on the company property in Australia.
  • Form 350 (Provided by us) - Certificate of Compliance with stamp duties law (if applicable).

On receipt of the completed order form we will prepare, and forward to you for signature, the documents which are required to be lodged with the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) to register the company as a foreign company.

Further information can be found on ASIC - Foreign Company Information.